About Office

Since March 8, 1934, Iowa has been a “control state,” assuming direct control over the wholesale of all alcoholic beverages except beer. Though the wholesale of wine was privatized July 1, 1986, the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division continued on as the sole wholesaler of distilled spirits in Iowa. The Division also regulates and licenses establishments that sell alcoholic beverages in Iowa.

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division facility is located on a 14.5 acre site located at 1918 SE Hulsizer Road in Ankeny, Iowa. The Division is comprised of three bureaus including Spirits & Distribution, Regulatory Compliance, and Financial & Asset Management, totaling 80 full time employees.

In addition to Division staff, the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission acts as a policy-making body and serves in an advisory capacity to the Division Administrator. The Commission is comprised of five members appointed to five-year terms by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Iowa Senate.

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