About Office

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission is created under Iowa Code section 123.5 and is comprised of five members appointed by the governor subject to confirmation by the senate. Commissioners are appointed for 5-year staggered terms and are chosen on the basis of managerial ability and experience as business executives. Commissioners are eligible for one 5-year reappointment.

The commission is required by law to meet by July 1 of each year and at the call of the commission chairman or chairwoman or when any three members file a written request for hearing with the chairman or chairwoman. The commission acts as a policy-making body and serves in an advisory capacity to the Division administrator. Commissioners may review, affirm, reverse or amend all actions of the administrator in the wholesaling of liquor and intoxicating liquor, and in the licensing and regulating of Iowa’s alcoholic beverages industry.

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Claire Celsi – Chairperson

Claire Celsi was appointed to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission on May 1, 2010, and serves as Chairperson. Commissioner Celsi has also served as Secretary and Vice-Chair. Celsi is a graduate of Drake University and a frequent lecturer at her alma mater, where she has taught in the Business School and School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Commissioner Celsi also serves on Drake's School of Journalism and Mass Communication National Advisory Board. She is employed as Director of Public Relations at Lessing-Flynn Advertising in Des Moines. Commissioner Celsi resides in Des Moines with her husband Jim. Her first term expires in April of 2015, but she is eligible for a second 5-year appointment. Commissioner Celsi can be reached at claire.celsi@gmail.com or 515.554.6754.


Rick Hunsaker – Vice-Chair 

Rick Hunsaker was appointed to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission on May 1, 2006, and serves as the current Vice-Chairperson for the Commissioner. Commissioner Hunsaker has also served as Chair and Secretary. He is a graduate of Drake University, receiving a B.A. in 1988 and a Masters of Public Administration in 1990. He is the Executive Director of Region XII Council of Governments in Carroll, a regional agency serving 6 counties and 60 cities in west central Iowa. Commissioner Hunsaker serves on the Board of Directors for the Iowa Association of Regional Councils (past chair), the Association of Iowa Workforce Partners, Carroll Area Development Cooperation, Midwest Assistance Program, Inc. and Western Iowa Advantage, an eight county cooperative marketing group. Mr. Hunsaker is a member of the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance. He is the current treasurer of Depot Center, Ltd., a local non-profit historic preservation organization. Commissioner Hunsaker resides in Carroll. Governor Branstad appointed him to a second term in 2011, which expires in April of 2016. Commissioner Hunsaker can be reached at cogexec@hotmail.com.


Tami Doll - Secretary

Tami Doll was appointed to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission May 1, 2012, by Governor Branstad. Employed at Doll Distributing LLC. in Council Bluffs since 1978, Commissioner Doll became Vice President and co-owner in 1985. In addition to her duties at Doll Distributing, she currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Loess Hills Chapter of the American Red Cross, Iowa Beer Wholesalers, and Heartland Family Services Ways to Work Committee. Commissioner Doll’s term will expire in April of 2017, but she is eligible for a second 5-year appointment.


Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson was appointed to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission May 1, 2013. Commissioner Wilson is the Assistant Vice President of Wine and Spirits for Hy-Vee. He was selected as one of six Market Watch Leaders in 2009 by Market Watch magazine. He also started an online wine study program in 2006, intended for employees to increase their wine knowledge and improve performance. Once the employee completes the online program, they become a Certified Hy-Vee Wine Specialist. Commissioner Wilson's term will expire in April of 2018, but he is eligible for a second 5-year appointment.


Jim Clayton 

Jim Clayton was appointed to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission February 14, 2005. He has previously served as Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.  Commissioner Clayton is a graduate of Beloit College with B.A. degree and is the owner of The Soap Opera, a 30-year retail specialty store in Iowa City. He was the co-chairperson of The Stepping Up Coalition, a campus community initiative to reduce the harmful effects of high risk drinking by students at the University of Iowa, and served as the project coordinator from December 2002 until July of 2005. He has also been a long time volunteer with Big Brothers big Sister and has served as Chairperson at the Crisis Center and The Arc of East Central Iowa. Previously, Commissioner Clayton owned and operated the Desoto Hotel in Galena, IL and managed the bar and restaurant in the hotel. Commissioner Clayton lives in Iowa City. His second term will expire in April of 2014.