The Iowa Administrative Procedures Act, Iowa Code chapter 17A, provides for the adoption of administrative rules by state agencies. Administrative rules are statements that implement and interpret law or policy, or that describe the organization and procedure of an agency. Administrative rules have the force and effect of law and are codified in the Iowa Administrative Code.

The Iowa Administrative Code is organized by issuing agency. Each agency has an identifying number to uniquely label its rules. The identifying number for the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division is 185.

Rulemaking Docket

The Division maintains a public rulemaking docket which lists each pending rulemaking proceeding, from the time it commences to the time in which the new rule becomes effective or the procedure is terminated. The docket provides detailed information about the contemplated schedule for action for each proposed rulemaking procedure.

FY16 Rulemaking Docket (PDF)

Regulatory Plan

Executive Order Number Nine requires each state agency to submit an annual Regulatory Plan detailing foreseeable rulemaking initiatives for the upcoming fiscal year that the agency reasonably expects to issue in proposed or final form. The Division reasonably expects to initiate regulatory action in the form of rulemaking initiatives for 185 Iowa Administrative Code, as identified and outlined in this plan.

Regulatory Plan (PDF)