What can beer wholesalers give to or co-op with beer retailers?

Both state and federal laws pertain to relationships between industry members (manufacturers, importers and wholesalers) and retailers authorized to sell beer. Read more information and a list of related FAQs. 

Does the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division regulate social gambling?

Social gambling in Iowa is overseen by the Department of Inspections and Appeals.The Department may be contacted at 515.281.6848.

What are the legal ages to serve and sell alcoholic beverages in Iowa?

A licensee's employees and agents must be at least:

  • 16 to sell liquor, wine, or beer in original unopened containers for off-premises consumption (grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, etc.).
  • 18 to sell and dispense liquor, wine, or beer for on-premises consumption (restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.).
  • 21 to deliver liquor, wine, or beer in original unopened containers to a home or other designated location for personal use (licensees and permittees authorized to sell liquor, wine, or beer for off-premises consumption).

Note: Age requirements apply to the licensee’s family members as well as non-family employees. If there is a local ordinance governing minors in licensed establishments, the ordinance applies.

Iowa Code sections §123.46A, §123.47, §123.49(2)(f), and185-4.25 Iowa Administrative Code

When can alcoholic beverages be legally sold and served?

Monday through Saturday 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. & Sunday 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.

What form do I fill out for a new license?

The off-premises application is for carry out beer, liquor, and wine. The on-premises application is for on-premises consumption of beer, liquor and wine. A separate license is needed for each location.

Who may obtain a Catering privilege?

Catering privilege is not a stand-alone license. Catering privileges may be issued only to holders of annual classes B (hotel/motel) and C (restaurants, etc.) liquor licenses. Read more information about the catering privilege.

What is my annual license fee for next year?

The renewal fee is the same as last year if nothing has changed such as your square footage of your premises (carry-out only), local authority population or Sunday sales privilege. Click for the fee schedule.

Where is the notary section on the license form?

The notary form is located on the last page of the application for new licenses. Renewal licenses do not require the completion of a notary form.  Notary Form

Can I transfer my license to another city?

Licenses may be transferred only within the boundaries of the approving local authority. If the license application approval was from a county board of supervisors, the license may be transferred only within the unincorporated are of the same county – not to an incorporated city within that county. If the license application was approved by a city council, the license may be transferred only within the same city – not to an unincorporated area of that county or to another incorporated city.

If I cancel my license will I receive a refund?

License fees are refunded in whole quarters. The quarter begins on the effective date of your license.

Can 6 or 8 month seasonal license be renewed?

Only 12 month licenses can be renewed. Seasonal licenses, which are 5 and 14 day, 6 and 8 month licenses, must be re-applied for each year as a new license.

What kind of license do I need to serve alcohol on a patio or in a beer garden?

An outdoor service area privilege must be added to a license in order to serve alcohol outside of the licensed establishment. Outdoor service permits are not stand-alone licenses. Read more about outdoor service permits.

What is an alternating proprietorship and how do I start one?

Alternating proprietorships allow two or more persons or entities to use the same space and equipment to produce wine. Read more about alternating proprietorships.

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