CALCohol serving size mobile site is now available

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division (ABD) has launched CALCohol, a mobile site that calculates standard drink sizes and the number of alcohol servings per container. The goal of CALCohol is to educate consumers, retailers and servers how much alcohol is in any given beverage.

CALCohol has two functionalities. The user can calculate servings per container by inputting the alcoholic content (ABV or proof) and container size (ounces or liters). Using CALCohol, a consumer will understand that a 12 percent ABV malt beverage in a 24-ounce pop-top can actually contains nearly five servings of alcohol. CALCohol can also calculate a serving size of any alcohol product by simply entering in ABV or proof without a container size

The mobile site is available at


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Deflate the Elephant Home Bartending Challenge

Being a responsible host means making sure everyone has an enjoyable time and gets home safely. One way to help ensure this is to serve in moderation. Did you know, for example, that a standard drink contains 13.6 grams of alcohol? Knowing the standard measurement and what it looks like in a glass can help prevent guests from over-drinking, and instead enjoy in moderation at your next get together.

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Distilled Spirits Council of The United States Drink In Moderation

The Distilled Sprits Council (DISCUS) has launched a multi-faceted enhanced moderation initative based on the science in the U.S. Dietary Guiddelines. The goal of this responsibility effort is to encourage adults who drink beverage alcohol to do so responsibly and in moderation at all times. As part of the moderation initative, the Council has created a new website, the site includes information on alcohol and health, including the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, standard drink definitions, an "Alcohol in Moderation" brochure and tips for responsible entertaining.

Drink in Moderation, alcohol in the adult diet website at Drink in Moderation website