Speakers Bank

The Division is working to compile a bank of speakers with approved programs.

Nigel Wrangham

Nigel brings a dynamic personality capable of engaging audiences at any age group with this versatile workshop offerings including substance abuse prevention, leadership, media literacy, understaning the brain,and empowering participants on their own heroic quest. Whether in a school assembly, town hall, community meeting, or professional training, Nigel provides groups not only with the most up-to-date research findings on the epidemic of substance abuse, but also with specific tools and strategies for keeping young people drug-free.

About Nigel: I've always been guided by a strong belief in the basic power of goodness of the human spirit. From my earliest calling as a preschool teacher through careers as a drug treatment counselor, a supervisor of released federal inmates, a parenting educator for homeless families, and director of a statewide coalition to prevent underage drinking.

For over twenty years I've devoted myself to teaching, training, facilitating, and presenting; all with the goal of brining out the very best in people so that they can heal and strengthen their communities. Whether I'm in a university classroom with my psychopharmacology students, in a donated church basement in a small town talking about community organizing with a group of citizens, or in front of a thousand teenagers in a noisy auditorium, I always remind myself that they very best results happen when we work together. I encourage play, interaction, fun and risk-taking in everything I do.

I currently teach at the University of Oregon, serve on several state and national training teams, and mentor younger trainers and presenters in their professional growth. I offer workshops and presentations on the fundamentals of leadership, drawing from examples of inspiring people and groups throughout history and across many cultures. Through interactive activities, self-examination and reflection, participants in my workshops learn how leadership is far more than a title or position; it is a state of mind and heart. To read more about Nigel Wrangham or to make a booking inquiry visit his website at Nigel Strategies 

Steve Ford 

Steve Ford spent several years living at America's most famous address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and also 25 years as an actor in Hollywood working on such films as When Harry Met Sally, Transformers and Blackhawk Down.

Steve will share the lessons he learned as the son of President Gerald R. Ford and also his iconic mother, Betty Ford. How the Ford family dealt with their mother's bouts with alcoholism and the legacy she left in the treatment community. Steve will also share his own journey to 16 years of sobriety and the tools he uses today. This session takes you on a wonderful journey of rethinking your life with inspirational stories about your own personal character and daily choices. Within all of these lessons Steve lets you in on the behind the scenes life of a family in the White House and also his life in Hollywood.

To read more about Steve Ford or make a booking inquiry visit the Midwest Speakers Bureau 

Larry Wohlgemuth

Larry Wohlgemuth has a series of different topics he is able to speak about, all with the underlying message of hope. After eight years of extreme physical, sexual and emotional abuse as a child, Larry spent the next 42 years living the effects of posttrau-matic stress disorder (PTSD) and Complex Trauma. What seemed to be a promising life devolved into unmet expectations, alcoholism, drug addiction and despair. Until at the age of 39 Larry lost everything, and it would be another 14 years before he discovered the “secrets” of recovery and regaining life. Larry speaks frankly and openly about his personal experiences to let people know that they should never, EVER abandon hope, because help usually comes in the most un-likely packages and the most unpredictable mo-ments.

Larry is an accomplished writer, public speaker and advocate he is available for fundraiser, in-service, workshop, keynote, inspirational and motivationall events.

Abuse and recovery: most people don't even begin to know wehre to get help for PTSD.
Hope: You can make changes in your life if you stay at it.
Spirituality: We were not designed to do this without belief in something greater than ourselves.
Forgivenes: Who, why and how do we forgive those who have damaged us.
Community: You need a place to belong and maybe you have to create your own.

To read more about Larry and his personal story visit his website at The Message is Hope

James F. Mosher, JD: Alcohol Policy Specialist

James Mosher's pioneering work in alcohol policy has brought him international acclaim. His expertise spans numerous topics, including underage drinking prevention, alcohol marketing, community prevention strategies, alcohol law, dram shop liability, and social host liability. His services include consulting, keynote presentations, workshops and trainings, policy analysis, and advocacy in media and policy. He has also served as an expert witness and consultant in alcohol litigation cases.

Areas of Expertise

Alcohol Industry Marketing and Its Impact on Youth

Jim Mosher has spent 25 years documenting and analyzing the industry’s tactics, leading campaigns to reduce the impact of alcohol marketing on youth, testifying before U.S. Congress and State legislative committees, and conducting workshops to assist communities in understanding and addressing this critical public health issue.

Social Host Liability – Preventing Underage Drinking Parties

Using his legal expertise and understanding of local governmental processes, Mosher co-authored the Model Social Host Ordinance, a strategy designed for communities to reduce the incidence of underage drinking parties. The ordinance treats these parties as public nuisances as a means to increase parental and other adult supervision and streamline law enforcement responses.

Alcohol Retail Availability and Community Health

Alcohol outlets – bars, restaurants, cocktail lounges, liquor stores – are an important component of a community’s business sector. But too many alcohol outlets in a neighborhood can lead to serious community problems including increased violence, drinking driving, and community blight, particularly when the outlets are poorly operated and regulated.

Fortunately, communities and states have tools for minimizing problems associated with alcohol outlets. The challenge is to understand the tools, learn how to tailor them to specific community circumstances, and organize the political will to use them effectively. Jim Mosher has written extensively on the topic and has assisted communities across the country in promoting healthy alcohol retail environments.
The State Preemption Doctrine: Its Impact on Alcohol Policy Reform

The alcohol, convenience store, and oil industries lobbied the California legislature to enact preemptive legislation that invalidated all of the local ordinances.  As this example demonstrates, many alcohol policy reform campaigns start at the local level, where grassroots democratic action can be most successful.  Activists must be alert to the alcohol industry’s tactic of seeking state preemption to frustrate local control.

Mosher is a leading expert on preemption policy and its impact on alcohol policy.  He has written and lectured extensively on the topic.

Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Programs

RBS programs provide alcohol retailers with the tools and training to prevent sales and service to intoxicated persons and minors, avoid public nuisance activities, and promote responsible business practices. First proposed in the early 1980s, they have become an integral part of community prevention strategies across the country. Jim Mosher was an early advocate for RBS programs, has written academic treatises on the topic and developed and delivered model training curricula. He also provides expert guidance to policy makers and alcohol policy advocates regarding the implementation of state and local laws mandating or promoting RBS programs.

Dram Shop Liability

Lead author of the definitive two-volume treatise on alcohol liability (Liquor Liability Law, published by Matthew Bender), Jim Mosher is a leading national expert on the topic. He was the first to propose redesigning dram shop laws as a prevention tool – by encouraging RBS programs and judging liability in part by the retailers’ efforts to train staff and adopt internal RBS policies. He has served as an expert consultant in several dram shop and other alcohol litigation cases and assisted policy makers and alcohol policy advocates in developing effective dram shop laws.

To read more about James and his exenstive alcohol policy expertise visit his website at Alcohol Policy Consultations

 J. Michael Mckoy

Mac McKoy is a syndicated TV and radio talk show host based in Des Moines, Iowa. Mac is a successful 30 year broadcaster who used his broadcast platform to energize, enlighten and entertain. He reaches out every day through a variety of media to change people’s lives. Now Mac does the same thing through public speaking.  Mac’s unique vision of the world is shared through his”Macisms” -(simple sayings to help people get through the challenges of daily life called ” Nuggets of Wisdom.”)  The Belief Clock  will get you started on  transforming  your world.

About the Belief Clock

In The Project Belief Clock, you will learn to ” Make decisions with ice water in your veins, and THEN carry them out with emotions.” (macism #5 )

The Belief Clock teaches us,  to start our decision making  process with our beliefs, not our feelings.  The Belief Clock teaches us that if we start with what you WANT to happen, not what you feel should happen, your success rate on relationships will amaze you !
You will begin to operate from a place that allows you to build on a foundation of your core beliefs.

You will learn how to communicate with other people because you’re not communicating based on emotion, you are communicating based on beliefs.

You will learn how to start from a position of facts and circumstances, not feelings and consequences.
You will learn to take responsibility for your actions as a learning experience rather than a judgmental approach to taking responsibility.
You will learn that actions speak louder than words.
You will learn the Belief Clock system and how it will change the way you look at YOUR world.

Your projects, passions and relationships will be great sources of inspiration to you, rather than disappointment and resentments.
You will invest less money and time, and see greater rewards for your efforts!

Here are just a few of the Macisms Mac’s Shares with you.

Macism # 32 – Never assume malice when incompetence will suffice.
Macism # 19 – Many Marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understood
they were on the “same side”.
Macism #16- Every Set Back, is a Set Up, for a Come Back.
Find out more about J. Michael McKoy at his website at Mac's World

 Sarah Panzau

 Sarah's journey: on August 23, 2003 I was in a near fatal car accident which changed my life forever.  On the road, I was clinically dead and was given a 0% chance of survivability. I did not have a blood pressure or a pulse and was no longer bleeding.  A policeman (who was on an East St. Louis over-pass picking up shell casings from a shooting the night before) and an ambulance crew (that was returning to Illinois from a transfer) just happened on my accident. While I was lifeless on the road, considering calling the coroner, they witnessed an agginal breath, and I was immediately intubated.  I was stabilized and air lifted by helicopter to St. Louis University where I lived the next 6 weeks.  2 weeks in a coma and 4 weeks in intensive care and on a ventilator. It was a miracle that I survived the accident.  I was out with my friends (the people I thought really cared about me.)  These so called friends let me get into my car with a blood alcohol level of 0.308. That is almost 4 times the legal limit in the state of Illinois.

My life has totally changed and I have started public speaking to teens and young adults about drinking and driving, making good decisions, what is important in life, and the importance of parents and family.  It is a presentation of courage, determination, and the celebration, that emphasizes making the right choices in life.  I am speaking to area junior high and high school students concerning underage drinking. I just recently signed with Anheuser Busch to be apart of the AB speakers Bureau. AB will allow me to take my story from coast to coast.  My presentation is not like any prevention lecture ever given.  All in all, I have given my presentation to 90,000+ area teens and young adults. I would LOVE to continue to share my story, “Sarah’s Journey”, to young and old alike because if it can affect just one person, I will have considered my life a success.

To contact Sarah and read more about her story visit her website at Sarah's Journey

Linda Dutil R.N.

Linda Dutil grew up in the town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  As a teenager and college student, she watched the lives of close friends altered by poor choices involving drugs and alcohol.

Eventually, she moved to the state of Maine where she met and married her husband Brian.  Her long time fascination with science and medicine finally brought her to nursing school.  

While her children were young, she completed her nursing degree.  She soon discovered her love and fascination for emergency room medicine.  "I found that making a difference in someone's life was a tremendous personal reward," she states.
Fifteen years ago, a local Deputy from the Sheriff's Department called and asked for Linda's assistance in a local school.  He asked her to share personal stories and to show the students what happens as a result of poor choices.  

The response to this first presentation was tremendous from both staff  and students!  

By sharing her experiences as an ER nurse, Linda helps students consider the consequences of poor choices and enables them to develop healthy attitudes about life.  "The emergency room is the last place anyone wants to visit," Dutil states.  "I hope to make a lasting impression on young people across the country.  I want to empower them with the skills that they need to make good choices to stay safe!" Linda can be reached on her website at A Dose of Reality