The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division (Iowa ABD) was granted authority to administer and oversee enforcement of Iowa’s tobacco laws and education of Iowa’s tobacco retailers through the Iowa Pledge Tobacco Education and Enforcement Program in the spring of 2000. 

Enforcement of Iowa’s tobacco laws is accomplished through a cooperative agreement between Iowa ABD and state, county, or local law enforcement agencies. Iowa ABD contracts with agencies for compliance checks at all tobacco retail outlets located within their jurisdiction and reimbursement is made by the Iowa ABD for each check conducted.

While enforcement of Iowa’s tobacco laws is an important goal of the Iowa Pledge program, education of both law enforcement and the state’s tobacco retailers is the primary focus of the program. Through a series of program initiatives, the Iowa Pledge program has traveled across the state to educate the law enforcement and the retail communities, ensuring that tobacco products are not sold to minors and that the state’s tobacco laws are properly enforced. Please contact the Division toll-free at 866.IowaABD or e-mail for additional information regarding the Iowa Pledge program.