Program Overview


  • Achieve a zero sales rate of tobacco products to minors.


  • Work with the Iowa Tobacco Advisory Committee (ITAComm) to develop an effective, statewide program to reduce the illegal sales of tobacco products to minors and illegal possession of tobacco products by minors.
  • Provide Iowa’s retailers with educational training in order to familiarize them with state laws and provide responsible sales techniques.
  • Perform tobacco compliance checks on each of Iowa’s approximately 3,300 tobacco permit holders at least once a year.


  • Contract with local law enforcement agencies to conduct compliance checks.
    • Contract fees will be calculated on the total number of tobacco permit holders in a given jurisdiction.
    • Participating communities will be reimbursed on a flat fee basis of $50 lump sum per tobacco compliance check.
    • A predetermined flat fee – number of tobacco permits x $50 x one compliance check = feewill be paid, with reimbursements made upon receipt of completed tobacco compliance check reports.
    • Local law enforcement officials will be expected to ticket clerks, as well as retailers, when conducting compliance checks.
  • Contract will provide local youth tobacco possession enforcement.
    • Based on the number of tobacco permit holders per community, local law officers will be expected to commit time to youth tobacco enforcement activities, similar to Iowa ABD’s efforts at this year’s Iowa State Fair.
    • Local law enforcement officials will be expected to ticket youth in possession of tobacco products.
    • Locally, community partnerships will provide resources and guidance to the state’s program.
  • Local participation in the “Cops in Shops” program.
  • Provide information to media to stress importance of the program.


  • 34 percent of Iowa teens report the use of tobacco products.
  • Currently 93 percent of Iowa retailers are in compliance with Iowa’s tobacco sales laws – 7 percent of Iowa’s retailers sold tobacco products to minors during the last round of compliance checks.
  • Studies have shown that tobacco law enforcement efforts, in conjunction with retailer education, reduce illegal sales of tobacco to minors.
  • Similarly, studies support effective law enforcement as an essential component of a comprehensive statewide tobacco program.

Take I-PLEDGE to uphold tobacco laws,
keep Iowa’s kids healthy and not sell tobacco products to minors.

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